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OXY has a veneer solution for every living space, be it in a home, office, restaurant, hotel, retail outlet or any other type of architectural property. We help you add an element of sophistication and warmth to all types of living spaces with an array of exotic, unique, and high-grade wood veneer sheets that are designed to make any living space come alive. Over the years, we have been helping architects, interior designers and homeowners manifest their visions in the most eloquent ways, while making spaces more productive for occupants. Whether you need premium wood veneers for a residential project, a commercial facility or your dream home, look no further than OXY Veneers

Chairs, Tables, Dressers and more can all benefit from the decorave elements wood veneers provide. Whether you want to add a paern or incorporate wood veneer sheets, furniture has unlimited possibilies with this unique addion.

Create and apply the paern that makes your items stand out. Any item with a decorave inlay will be truly unique

For an incredible effect that cannot compare to other decorative options. It can truly be breathtaking.

Great way to enjoy artwork