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We are manufacturers of Pre-painted Galvalume roofing sheets and front line distributors for renowned manufacturers for a gamut of product ranging from Galvalume Roofing Sheet, Poly Carbonate Sheet, Crimped Sheet, Arch Sheet, Gutters, Ridges and Galvanized Pipes, Polytuff Trapezoid PVC Sheets (UPVC), Polyurethane Foam (PUF) Sheets and Roofing cladding solutions.
OXY ROOF profiles are precision engineered on the best profiling lines. The profiles are roll formed on twenty one stage roll forming lines with auto cut-off ensuring consistent and accurately matching profiles. The PLC controlled machines product accurately formed customised curves. Digitally controlled shear blades maintain the length of the resulting profiles within a millimeters of tolerance.

Why should choose us?

The trends these days are to use OXY ROOF to cover your house because of its advantages.
The roof is also very clean and easy to handle, you don’t need to wash or do some extra treatment on it.
Oxy sheets offer better load carrying capacity and resist external forces extremely.
Oxy sheets offer comfort in all seasons due to high heat reflective and low heat radiation
Oxy (0.40mm+)  sheets provide 15 years guarantee and more life and better corrosion resistance.
Oxy sheets are attractive
Oxy sheets save cost on long run since there is long life and zero maintenance.
Oxy Roof in the factories are rolled-up, it is when you measure the span of your building’s roof trusses then the sheets cut into the size and length as you need.
You can easily dismantle the roof and use elsewhere without damaging it.
It is most beautiful among the roofing sheets, especially, when you are looking for a colour which will blend easily with paints on walls and the environment.

World Class Profile

OXY Roofing profiles are made of quality metal substrates with high performing pre-treatment, primer and topcoat all brought together in a carefully controlled manufacturing process that delivers best quality performance.
Technical Specifications of Pre-Painted Galvanized Steel for:

Oxy Roof with 15 years Guarantee


Oxy Roof with 10 years Guarantee


Eight Level Coating


Crimp & Arch Sheet, Vally Gutter and Ridge


Material Handling, Storage & Safety Guidelines for OXY Roofing Sheets.


OXY Pre-painted galvalume roofing sheets should be handled with proper equipment during loading & offloading of the material i.e. Forklift, Crane, C hooks, Nylon Belts, High tensile strap cutter etc. Material should be properly lashed, chocked & covered for transportation. Sheets handling should be very smooth without any rapid shock during lifting movement from one place to another place.
Safety wares like helmet, hand gloves, shoes should be worn by material handling personnel.


OXY Pre-painted galvalume roofing sheets, if not required for immediate use, should be neatly stacked (sheets), clear of ground without any water seepage inside. In case the material is left in open, it should be protected from rain and moisture with tarpaulins or similar covers and stacked at an angle to assist drainage
The polythene used to wrap the pack is not suitable for prolonged exposure in the open since sunlight modifies its properties.


Equipment should be clean so that any oil / grease or foreign particle does not come in contact with the pre-painted surface. Sheets should not be dragged over other sheets or equipment surfaces.
Any debris or surplus items such as fasteners, iron drill particles to be carefully removed each day after completion of installation work i.e. swarf, surplus items such as fasteners to be removed from work place.
In case of material with protective film, the film should be removed immediately during the installation.
Durability of product is subjected to environmental conditions in surrounding atmosphere at installation site.

Salient Features

Why OXY? Because of its peculiarities. The whole market stands with us.
They trust our quality. They trust OXY.

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