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OXY PVC foam board is one of the most popular kinds that is used in the Interior and Furniture industry and has high hardness and mechanical properes that enhance with the increasing molecular weight. Oxy PVC opons while designing new products and developing soluons as it also acts as a replacement or refurbishment material. On the contrary, PVC Foam boards are lighter, less operave expensive and offer many performance advantages. PVC Panels are easy to install, water proof and maintenance free.

PVC foam boards are chemically foamed, extruded rigid, light weight sheets with fine and homogeneous closed cell structure and smooth finishes on both sides.
PVC is most suitable for Monsoon and Tropical climate of Kerala.


Benches, Doors, Windows, Tables, Counters, Cabinets, Wardrobes, Shelves,
Cots, Dressing Tables etc.

Shop Fing, Interior Decoraon, Zones of High Humidity (Bathroom etc.), Air Condioning and Venlaon Systems, Heat and Sound Insulaon, Shuer Ply etc.

Signs Boards, Leer Displays, Decoraon of Shops, Windows, Exhibion Stands, etc.

Instant Soluon for your need of Houses, Site Offices, Class Rooms, Bath Rooms, Hospitals, Camp Sites, Terrace Rooms, Beach Houses, Security Rooms, Cellular Phone Shelters, Farm Houses etc.

Switch Cabinets, Channels for Cables & Wires, Control Panels

Wall Cladding, Inner Parons, Flooring, Ceiling, False Ceiling, Wall Designs etc

Construcon of Containers, Apparatus, Models, Equipment for Photographic Laboratories, Electroplang, Traffic Signs, Building Site Boards, Dance Floors,Computer Rooms etc