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As the upgrade product of Color Steel Sheet. Oxy UPVC Fiber Reinforced Roof Sheet adopts advanced co-extrusion technology and use super weather resistance Resin, UPVC and Fiber Glass as main material mixing with UV resistance and other chemical adjuvant to enhance weather resistance ability and color durability.

Material Handling

This material handling, storage & safety data sheet is applicable for UPVC Fiber Reinforced Roof Sheets under the following instruction after the shipment from OXY ROOF.
OXY ROOF’s recommendations on the handling of UPVC Fiber Reinforced Roof Sheets for roofing/building/cladding construction/installation.


UPVC Fiber Reinforced Roof Sheets should be handled with proper equipment during loading & off-loading of the material i.e. Forklift, Crane, C hooks, Nylon Belts, High tensile strap cutter etc. Material should be properly lashed, chocked & covered for transportation. Sheets handling should be very smooth without any rapid shock during lifting movement from one place to another.


Safety wears like helmet, hand gloves, shoes should be worn by material handling personnel.

Salient Features

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Product Profile

The upper layers is PMMA material, which is anti-UV protect roof sheet against the sunshine damage. The second and fourth layers are UPVC roofing material, which is anti-corrosion, heat and sound insulation. The third layer is glass fiber mesh, it likes a bone of the roof sheet which can help hold the shape even the temperature is hot and the distance of the truss is large.

Width: 940 mm
Efficient width: 880 mm
Wave height: 40 mm
Thickness: 2.5 mm
Length: 8 ft -20 ft


As the strongest product of all OXY roof sheet, UPVC Fiber Reinforced Roof Sheet  is widely used in Villa and buildings that need high standard of impact resistance.

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